Unify value input behaviour

It might seem like a tiny thing but i keep stumbling upon it:
When editing the value of a text layer on the canvas, if you press ‘esc’ it saves your changes. Pressing ‘enter’ creates a line break and pressing ‘tab’ creates a tabbed space .
When editing a layer name ‘esc’ saves your changes, ‘enter’ saves your changes and ‘tab’ saves your changes and jumps to the next element (I LOVE this!!)
But if you change a value in the property panel, then ‘esc’ will revert to the previous value - you need to press ‘enter’ or ‘tab’ for the input to be accepted.
I am aware of the implications for editing text layers but I am sure you will come up with a behaviour that is consistent and still allows for text layers to have line breaks and tab stops.

Thanks for sharing! I understand the confusion. We’ll keep an eye on the topic, but can’t make promises for the near future.