Scaling objects with Cmd+K -> consistency with global settings

Hey @Treword, thank you for sharing this!

This feels like an oversight really, and we’ll forward this to the team so they can check it out. As you mention, the Nudge settings should carry to most inputs in the app so this kind of feels unexpected that the settings do not carry over to this section.

As soon as we hear more from the team regarding this, we’ll get back to you! :pray:

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Very good idea, we need it in our project :eyes:

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I did not know you could use nudge settings in inputs!!!

When cmd+k scaling, it should be able to adsorb reference lines.

Hey @tryo,

Thanks for your input on this! When you say reference lines, you mean that when you perform ⌘K to start scaling an element on the Canvas, you want the feature to also snap to Guides placed on the Canvas as well?

That could be a really useful feature too :star_struck: