Access hidden layers in the layer panel (with modifier key)

I love the ability to navigate through multiple layers simultaneously in the layer panel. If your artboards and groups are structured identically it’s a great way to make changes to a whole batch of elements.
The one operation that cannot be done this way though is unhiding layers, because they are not accessible when navigating through the layers via tab / shift-tab.
It would be great if there was a modifier key that would enable selecting hidden layers so that you can unhide them without having to resort to use the mouse.

Hey Peter,

You’re right, this would certainly be a great addition. I’ve added it as a feature request.

Thanks for sharing this! :raised_hands:

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I just accidentally found a bug that actually allows selecting hidden layers via keyboard: While you are editing a layer name you can use tab / shift-tab to access hidden layers. Won’t work with multi-selection of course and not a convenient workaround either, because having to enter editing mode first to then tab-access your hidden layer is cumbersome, but I thought it’s worth sharing. Also shows that it’s already possible so adding a modifier shortcut (alt-tab / shift-alt-tab ?) shouldn’t be too difficult.
Thanks & cheers

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@ppdc :exploding_head: Thanks for sharing this! :raised_hands:

I’ve added this and shared it with the team!