Text formatting in symbol instances

Sooo often I have the pain of not being able to make the simplest typographic settings within symbol instances.

The following example. I have created a layout section as a symbol. Perhaps a hero with a key visual for a homepage. This hero contains an image and text, as well as one or two CTAs.

Now, of course, I would like to create several variants of it by changing the symbol instance via override: Different image, different text …

And now, for example, I have highlighted certain words or text passages in the text as bold text for better cross-reading, although the text style on which the symbol is based is regular. In a group, I could easily bold text passages using CMD-B or switch to italic using CMD+I. Unfortunately, this does not work with symbol instances.

So I only have two options at the moment:
1.) either I detach the instance from the symbol so that it is a group again … then I can partially change this simple text formatting. However, this would make a mockery of the concept of symbol instances that can be changed via override.
2) I leave the text as it is and cannot make any modifications.

Both are very unsatisfactory.

Can we please have simple text formatting options
CMD+B and CMD+I and CMD+U for symbol instances? :pray: Thank you.