Able to edit symbol in place?


am I able to edit a Symbol right in place where the reference “takes place”?

I’m just able to “open” the Symbol original source without the context - the symbol is separated from the rest. But I would like to see, how e.g. colorchances gonna look like in all references and instantly.

Any ideas?
Thanks alot!

Hi there.

As it stands now, when editing a Symbol, Sketch will take you to the location of the original source Symbol, so you are not able to edit the placed Instance of the Symbol in-situ.
However, if it helps, you can move that original source Symbol Artboard, and position it right near to your Symbol Instance. So then when you edit the isolated source, you can still see the edits being applied to the whole rest of your design layout in real-time.

I hope this helps!


It would be amazing to be able to cut and paste symbols without losing the link like Figma does.

Hi Leo :wave: This is something that the team is aware of: when you cut and paste local symbol instances between different documents, a new local symbol source is created.

But you can cut and paste freely symbol instances from libraries and of course, cut and paste local symbol instances within the same document. I hope this helps :pray:

This happens when I try to cut a symbol.
Are you saying that if I paste it again all the instances will “undo” the conversion into groups?

Hey @leohans thanks for claryfing this! I assumed (incorrectly) that you meant symbol instances.

When editing the symbol source, things change. If you paste it back, it won’t undo the groups conversion, it will be treated as a new symbol source.

Figma works differently, but that’s another topic. I’d happily open a new one for this scenario you describe if you want :smiley: Let me know :pray:

It would be great.

I think some way to handle this may be to have a “hidden/internal” page inside the document where all symbols that were cut to the clipboard until the user cuts another another thing. Sketch may ask the user if it should keep track of the symbol or convert them into groups. If the user choose the former the symbol(s) may be restored before quitting what to do with them.

Hi Brett, thank alot for the workaround and the corresponding video. This helps, thank you very very much for the fast and helpful answer. Sorry for beeing late to respond.

Thanks again.

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Here’s the new topic!