Underline some text within a symbol text override (e.g. hyperlink)

I’m using symbols for text layouts. I need to indicate to content management authors where there are hyperlinks within the body text.

I can’t seem to apply underlines to part of a text override.

It’s possible to apply an underline while editing the text…

But when you click-off to save the text edits, the underline is removed.

How can I achieve the desired effect? Do I have to instruct my designers to detach-from-symbol for anything that requires an underline?
Thanks, feel like I’m hitting a wall here.

Hey @Meza, unfortunately, there’s no elegant solution if the text needs to be a symbol. Besides detaching, Artboard Templates in combination with Smart Layout in groups could be an option; it’s a flexible solution if you like the freedom to reuse work and adjust the content.

I think the community would love WYSWYG editing for text layers within a symbol