Detach from Symbol vs Detach All Contents from Symbol?

Detach from Symbol vs Detach All Contents from Symbol
Can anyone explain the difference between these two options please?

I’ve read here but it doesn’t give any indication:

It sounds like they both do the same thing?

Hey Meza,

Are you referring to the first sentence from the part quoted below from the Editing Symbols page?

There are two main ways to edit a Symbol. You can edit the contents in the Symbol Source, or you can edit individual instances with overrides.

A Symbol is the source of a design element. It’s a helpful way to save and reuse common elements across your designs. Once you’ve created your Symbol, you can reuse it everywhere in your work.

When you use a copy of that Symbol, it’s called an Instance. If you edit the Symbol source, all Instances will change according to those changes. If you edit an Instance, only that instance will change.

You can find more detailed information about editing and customising Symbols and Instances in the paragraphs:
How to edit a Symbol Source and How to customize Instances with overrides.

Additionally, this video provides an excellent visual explanation of how Symbols and Instances work, how you can distinguish them and how they can be edited.

Hey Meza.
Detach from Symbol just breaks apart the topmost Symbol where you apply the action. This means that if the Symbol you are breaking apart contains nested Symbols, then those will still be retained as Symbols.
Detach all Contents from Symbol differs in that it breaks apart everything inside the Symbol where you apply the action, including any nested Symbols that might be contained inside the topmost Symbol.


:gem: Crystal clear now, thank you Brett.

Should add your explanation to that docs page :wink:

I think the word ‘Content’ could be a bit confusing in this context.
Because for all other things relating to symbols, ‘content’ seems to be referring to overrides - i.e. the text or image content of a symbol.

Not the sub or nested symbols contained within.

How to use text overrides

You can change the contents of text overrides in a couple of ways.

You can also detach content from a Symbol pressing Y

There was more information in the title… completely missed that. My bad :sweat_smile:

Well, looking back at it now I could have made the question a bit clearer!