I’m unable to do my job properly without symbol text formatting

I often need to mock up search results on a list. It’s important for our flow that I show the parts of the string that matched.

For example I search for ord
The results should show:

I want to use symbols for these results, so I can later update iconography, alignment, etc. But I am not able to because symbols don’t support substring text formatting.

The way I handle this (which is admittedly a hassle, but I can’t see any other way), is that in a symbol I’ll create a group with horizontal SmartLayout turned on. Then that group will have 3 separate text layers next to each other.

When you view the symbol instance you can now decide which text layers to make bold (first, middle or last).

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Ah yes, I’ve done that before. Ended up being a hassle. Also, for my purpose I had the need to sometimes make the text dimmer, italic, or bold, and to have random ranges.

But you’re right, for the case I described, your idea would work!

Another case that doesn’t work is to show fuzzy matching.
If I search for FCP I would get a result for Final Cut Pro.
So the arbitrary nature of the results makes it really tricky to do with a symbol without some major gymnastics.

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for this! I many times have to create another symbol (or detach it) just because I want to bold a word (think of the help text example).

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