Official Apple libraries not installing on Mac App Store version

Hi there.

I recently switched to using the Mac App Store version of Sketch. I noticed that my previously installed libraries from the side loading option are not working. When I went to the Apple Design Resources website and downloaded the libraries again, I followed the steps and Sketch is stuck at the “Additional steps required” page even when I’ve moved the library file to the Libraries folder.


The problem here is that the App Store version of Sketch is sandboxed - an additional ‘security’ requirement for applications that want to be in the App Store. A consequence of this is that our Libraries folder for the App Store version is different.

Apples design resources aren’t aware - and can’t be really - of this distinction.

But if you drag the Apple library directly to the list of libraries in the preference window we should be putting it in the right place for you.

(The right place being something like ~/Library/Containers/com.bohemiancoding.sketch/….)


Hey @Suzie97!

Thanks for bringing this up!

Our team is aware of some issue when trying to install Apple’s official Libraries and they’re working on a fix that should arrive sometime soon to the Mac app.

For now we can confirm:

  • If you drag-n-drop the Library Document into the Libaries tab on the app Settings > It will add the Library as a Local library and you should be able to work normally with it!
  • The system might be preventing Sketch from checking the contents of the path specified above, so our team is also working to fix that with the update!

If you’d like, you can shoot us a message at and we’ll let you know as soon as the fix is out!


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