Non-library files in workspace can't be added as Library anymore

Hey, recently I found an issue that I can’t add those Sketch files in the workspace but not in Library folders as a Library.

Before months ago, I can do that, as I see there are a few libraries I added earlier listed under “Third party” section. However, these library files are never ever sync to my workspace again. Meanwhile, I checked the Libraries folder in Finder, and I do find these libraries are remained in the folder with a string of token which I think is used for sync with the workspace. Unfortunately, I can’t add those non-library files as a library anymore, neither I can’t make my previously added library files to sync with the workspace. (saying for example, the highlighted library file in my screenshots)

Does Sketch change something in Library feature without reveal in the What’s New list of the releases?

Hey there,

We haven’t really changed anything regarding this part of the workflow with Libraries. The folder you’re seeing is located within the /Application Support part of the Sketch install, and is where the Mac app saves Workspace Documents and Libraries for easy access and to keep a backup of these locally, in case you find yourself with no connectivity but would like to keep on working.

However, it is to note that different versions of Sketch share this same folder even though their configuration files are not the same. Some of those configuration files could be referencing these Libraries and some others could not.

For example:

  • We use Sketch (the final version, which you can download here) on a daily basis to test and troubleshoot any issues our customers arise to us.
  • But we also work and test extensively the Beta of the next major version (get it here).
  • We also work and test with some internal builds, which we call Experimental.

All of these 3 variations of the Mac app share the same Libraries and CloudDocuments folder (where the Mac app saves the Local copy of your Documents) but whenever we open any of these versions, they do not share the same Libraries installed on another.

Depending on how you have been using Sketch, this might be the reason why you see some Libraries there that might not be appearing on your Sketch install.

Lastly, the best way to add Workspace Libraries is:

  • Through the web app, by opening the Library and then use the Add as Library function.
  • Via the Libraries tab on the Mac app Settings (all Libraries in the Workspace where you are an editor should show up there for you to quickly add!)

Let us know if this helps!

Hi raulrincon,

I notice that Sketch nowadays only allows those files under Library folder in the workspace are added as library. Earlier, as you see those listed under “Third Party” section, thses are the ones I added as library files. These files are not under Library folder of my workspace. What I mean is that earlier I can add those files of my workspace but not under Library folder. However, now Sketch doesn’t allow me do so, neither these added library files are not be able to sync to my workspace’s file anymore.



  • Only Libraries marked as such are exposed to the Mac app (from the Workspace) as Libraries.
  • These Libraries you mention, could they have been added as Local Libraries?

You could potentially get this working by adding a Workspace Document as a Local Library.

  • Open the Mac app
    • :bulb: Make sure the Document you want to add is uploaded to the Workspace, and marked as a Document, and not a Library.
  • Open Settings > Libraries
  • Click on the Add Local Library… button
  • Navigate to: ~/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/CloudDocuments
  • There you will see some folders with some numbers, try to find the one that belongs to the Document (uploaded to the Workspace) that you want to use as a Library.
  • Add it to Sketch and voila!

Even though, we strongly recommend marking these Documents as Libraries, this should work, cause, as soon as you make an update to this Document, two things will happen:

  • The changes are going to be uploaded to the Workspace
  • You will also get an update about the Library (because it is local and reacts a second, or two, faster than when uploading to the Workspace).

Let us know if this helps! :pray:

Hi @raulrincon Sketch disable these cloud documents saved locally to be added as library. Cloud you suggest what shall I do? Thank you.


This might be happening because the app is looking for .sketch Documents to add as a Library, in this case, these Documents (that are hosted on the Workspace) do have a different file extension (.sketchcloud).

However, you can still add these Documents as Libraries by:

  • Openining the Document with Sketch
  • Use the File > Add as Library… menu option
  • Done!

That’ll add the Library and keep the connection to the Workspace Document.

Hi @raulrincon yes, this works by adding the file to the library folder. However, I’d prefer the way that Sketch app allows users to add any files in the workspace as a library file manually, as you see my first screenshot which lists under third party section. Or alternatively, Sketch app shall allow me to add .sketchcloud files. Think this way, before there is workspace, all files are saved locally, and user are able to put any file as library. However, now with workspace cloud saving features, this is not supported anymore, which is a frustration.

I’d request the Sketch to support .sketchcloud file to be added as library or any other alternatives solutions to serve my use case, which I think is also a common use case.

Thanks for your reply. I’d take that as an interim solution.

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Hey @JACKETZK, thanks for the feedback and comments!

That’s a really nice idea, and we’ll open a feature request with the team so they can check this out! :pray:

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