Library in file which is not selected in document setting

As you can see in the images I see a library (Landing library) in my file which is not selected in the document setting.

It happened several times in different workspaces but I can’t find a pattern.

_ Sketch 98.3
_ Working on workspace not local

Hey @Taha, hope you’re doing well!

Can you check under Sketch > Settings (⌘,) > Libraries tab and see if the Library is enabled there? That could be where the Library is active and therefore being exposed for use!

Let us know if this helps!

The problem is reversed. I have a library in my file that I didn’t select from File > Document Settings (⌘,) > Libraries. How was it added to the file when it is not selected in Document Sitting?! :)))

Unfortunately, it rarely and randomly happens in other files.


So we have two ways of adding Libraries, but they work a little bit different:

  • App Libraries: These are enabled at an app level and they are exposed for use on all the Documents you work with. These are the ones you enable through App settings.
  • Document Libraries: These are the ones you only enable to be used with that specific Document. The biggest change here is that the app only loads these Libraries whenever you open the Document they’re added to, only then the app loads and makes them available for use.

One thing that could be also happening here is that, pontetially, some of those Components you are using on this Document could be using a Nested element from Another Library and this could somehow make the app think you also want to use this Library.

Would it be possible for you to share that Document with us? We’d love to take a look and get this resolved as soon as possible for you! You can reach out to us via