Ability to upload Sketch document to Sketch Cloud WITHOUT Mac app

It would be great if there was a way to get a local Sketch document into Cloud without having to open the document and Save To A Workspace. Either an upload option, drag & drop, or an API to publish a local file to Sketch Cloud.

I’ve created a web service that creates sketch files dynamically, so various stakeholders within the organization can create assets per their needs. We would benefit from the ability to get these files into Sketch Cloud somehow without requiring the Mac app.

Also, if a document gets updated out of band, how can one update the existing document in Sketch Cloud with the latest version, without having to create a whole new Sketch Cloud document? The benefit to updating an existing document means all existing share links and prototype links would still work. This is another case where it would be nice for ways to upload/update documents in Sketch Cloud.

A drag and drop upload on the web would be useful, I can agree to that. It’s just not very likely that people want to upload documents without the Mac app so it doesn’t come up a lot.

That is intriguing. Would you in an ideal case expect these to be pushed to the Workspace via some sort of API, or is the manual drag-drop what’s intended?

Documents contain a reference internally to whichever cloud document (a share) they belong to. This is what allows you to download a document, make edits while on a flight for example, and then push edits back up via the collaborate menu.

You could use the same mechanism, if you’re generating documents anyway, to generate the right shareID so the document can be upload to replace the the online version (which would ofc require the Mac app today, but still)

I’m looking for a way to access my workspace documents outside of the Mac app, too! Perhaps a second app that allows to mount the workspace as a volume on the Mac or something like this.

My aim is to backup all documents in our company worspace as easily as possible to our NAS as a local backup copy. It would make me feel much more secure to have an all time actual backup on our local servers to save the money and work in this files!

API would be preferred, would love this to be as hands-off as possible.

We are concerned about this as well. We would like the ability to back up all our workspace documents to another location just to ensure we are covered if something unfortunate ever happened to Sketch Cloud. API might make this possible too.

Yes, that’s true! It would be really cool (and to my opinion really necessary) to be able to backup the files as hands-off as possible!
So, that you could write a script or whatever that fits perfect to everyone’n individual backup strategy.
In the moment we have to login on the web interface and download the files manually to drag them from the “Downloads” folder to a folder which is included in our backups. We do this everyday (if we don’t forget it…) and this is not really cool.

There’s another way we tried: The files from the workspace are cached in your library in the folder

/Users/ys/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/CloudDocuments

But to backup this folder ist not really a solution. It means, that the latest version of the document has be opened on the computer the backup is made from. Not a good solution, if this computer is not involved in the working of every file on the workspace.

Yes that wouldn’t be a good way to back up things. We’ll need to offer something better for sure.


We would be so happy about this, really! Thank you for thinking about it!

Perhaps in the meanwhile there could be one little change on the website interface, from which I download our workspace files daily to move them into a folder on my mac, which is included in our backup strategy: Would it be possible to have a button “Download all workspace documents”?

In the moment I have to download every single document seperate, which is really annoying! A button like this would make my daily routine so much easier…