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I’m currently assessing Sketch for a substantial project. I appreciate the software’s capabilities; however, I am attempting to resolve two significant challenges.

Delayed Workspace

We use the collaboration feature, storing documents on

When I am the sole contributor to the project, I usually have two local files open:

  • A library where I update symbols
  • A document containing various pages where I arrange my UI.

Upon altering a component within the Library and pressing ⌘+s to save my changes, I switch back to my document with my pages. Unfortunately, I have to wait around 20 seconds or sometimes even 1 to 2 minutes to receive the notification that my library has been updated. Given that my fiber optic connection is incredibly fast, latency on my side is not the root cause.

Is there a way to replicate the immediate changes characteristic of local work (since I am, in fact, working locally) in my dependent documents?

Two-Click Component Update Requirement

This concern is related to the previous one. Suppose I’m working with my files locally, without syncing with, entirely local. In this scenario, I’m the only one who can modify a component from a library, so any change is intentional. Thankfully, there’s no delay, which is fantastic. However, to see the changes, I must:

  • Press ⌘+s
  • Switch to the other document
  • Click the notification bell
  • Click the Update Components option from the preview.

This series of steps seriously hampers my workflow. Is there a way to bypass clicking the bell and updating the component, allowing me to simply see the change?

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Hi @jchatard and welcome to the Forum! Thanks for sharing this.

I have a question about the Delayed Workspace scenario. You mentioned that you work locally, but the files are stored in your Workspace. Does this mean that you have an offline copy not saved in your Workspace but that is connected to the Workspace library?

If the library is in the Workspace the size and quantity of it may add some time for the changes to update and get the updates back on your local file.

About the Two-click update, in short, there’s no way to eliminate notifications when you edit existing components. This is by design so you can be aware that a component was changed and see the before and after states. I can see how this doesn’t fit when you’re the only author and I’ll definitely share this insight with the team.

However, if you activate the setting “Automatically download and update Libraries” you won’t get a notification when adding new components or creating new layers, just when you edit existing components.

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I’m not sure I understand your question. I work on my team’s workspace files, ie not locally stored (not saved on my computer).

And the files are actually pretty small, in that I’m just evaluating the software, so I have a header, a menu, a content item. So something like 1 % of the project.

So if it’s slow in this situation, I can’t imagine when we really start working.

Library update

Ok thanks for the tip for new components.

The same kind of checkbox allowing to bypass existing components updates notification would be the solution.


Hey. We are currently working on a very large design system for our company and projects. I want to answer your delayed workspace question. Even if you have 10 or more than 1000 components, after updating the library, it can take 30-60 or even 2 minutes to reflect on the file you are working on. In other words, size of the library does not affect to update time.

As you said library updates is not reflecting instantly. We don’t see this as a problem for now, but it would definitely nice to see instant library updates.