Library disconnected

Every time me and my teammates open Sketch we should reconnect libraries to the files in the document setting :rage: :rage:
In the document setting, libraries are duplicated and show loading:

Also, when someone joins the collaboration mode we should connect all libraries again :rage: :rage:

We use Sketch 99.

Hey Taha,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! This is indeed a very unusual case and something we have not received reports of in the past.

Could you share with us more info at This is something we definitely want to take a deeper look at, and provide help as soon as we can!


Thank you.

I sent email.

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We followed up with @Taha via email and found that the Document could’ve been in a corrupted state, and just clearing the ~/CloudDocuments folder and re-downloading the Document from the Workspace solved the issue.


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