Did you know you can do all this with Libraries?

Hello, everyone!

Lately, we’ve been making some improvements to Libraries — so I thought it’d be a great time to give you a beginner-friendly introduction for those of you who are new around here.

Let’s jump in :parachute:

What the heck is a Library?

A Library is a special type of Sketch document, which makes its Components available to use in other documents across your Workspace.

Right now, you can use Libraries to share and manage Symbols, Text Styles, Color Variables, Layer Styles and Artboard Templates. Plus, whenever you make changes to the Components in a Library, those edits will sync across any other document that uses them.

What’s best is you can turn any document into a Library from the Mac or web app.

What are some benefits of working with Libraries?

  • One source of truth. You can keep all your components in sync and accessible across your Workspace. Instead of manually sharing a document with updates and hoping your teammates get it right, you can simply update the Library Components you’ve all been using.
  • Full control. You can use the Share Settings to control who in your Workspace can edit the original Library document — or even use starred saves to control which updates actually get pushed out to the rest of the documents using the Library.
  • Better organization. You can go as granular as you want, whether that means creating one Library document to store everything or having one Library for each project.
  • Faster workflow. Libraries help you cut the guessing game in two ways. One, you’ll know exactly where your components are. And two, your components will update for you across documents. It’s a win-win.

This is just a quick overview of what you can achieve with Libraries! If you want to learn more, I recommend you check out this blog post — it’ll take you step by step and direct you to other great resources.

Are you already using Libraries? We’d love it if you could share how you use them in the comments :point_down: