How to share iOS prototype without browser chrome…

Hey folks,

I created a prototype of a mobile app and have showcased it to project stakeholders on my iPhone through the iOS Sketch app. All went well everything is working. It’s awesome.

I would like to share this prototype with another group of people. If I share a link to the prototype this prototype gets opened in the browser including browser bar and all iOS chrome. Since I am showcasing a mobile app and not a website this is misleading of course.

How do you guys do it? How do you share a mobile app prototype?

It would be fine to ask the people to download the Sketch iOS app but there seems to be no easy way to get the shared link to open the Sketch app.

Any ideas?


Hey Meikel,

Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for stopping by.

If having no browser chrome is a must, your best option is to share the document and have your colleagues download the Sketch iOS app to play the prototype from the app. Mobile browsers like Safari can minimize the UI that’s shown, but there will be some UI displayed.

So the process looks like this:

1- Open your document on the Web app, click on the Share button and add the email address of the recipients as Guests:


2- Share the download link of the Sketch iOS app

Once they’ve downloaded the app, they’ll need to create an account if they haven’t done that yet, or sign in. Once they’ve signed in, they’ll have access to the prototype. Just note that they’ll also have access to the document and they’ll be able to see the artboards as well. And just in case someone asks, this is all free: both downloading the app and signing up to Sketch, and no credit card required :+1:


Let us know if this helps!


Ok so that is what I hope could be avoided.

Wouldn’t it be possible for future releases to have sketch links to be opened in the sketch app when the app is installed? Similar to how this work with YouTube or Twitter or Apple Music.

Copy link to prototype - share with stakeholders- click on link - sketch app opens - prototype loads -and they are ready to play around.



I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but when you open a prototype link in Chrome on Android, you have the option to go full screen. Button at the bottom right of the screen.

Wouldn’t that achieve a no Chrome bar look for the prototype? (You’re also loosing the system bar at the top thought, but that might be included in your prototype too)

Does that not work on iOS?

Sadly the fullscreen button does not hide the browser controls. It only hides Sketch own controls.


I see, that’s unfortunate. Seems like a Chrome issue on iOS.

I’ve tried it with Safari on my iPad and it seems to work, but there’s a bug with the system bar only.
Also works on Chrome on my Android phone.