Desktop prototype player please with the option to fullscreen view

I imagine it like the web app player: press “CMD +” or “CMD -” to zoom. Or simply click on the green fullscreen icon of the native prototype player window.

I work from my home office every day and have wanted this feature for a long time, e.g. to be able to quickly share my screen fullscreen via screensharing and to be able to see it large myself … without having to wait 1-2 minutes during the design process until the current status of the prototype is visible and testable in the web app player.


Hey @Xhaust!

Apologies in advance if I’m misunderstanding your request here, but there is already a native Prototype player with full screen view in Sketch. You can bring it up by pressing the play button in the toolbar (if that’s not there for you, you can add it in by customizing your toolbar):

That opens up the prototype player locally, in a separate window, that you can make full screen like any other macOS window. It’s running the same rendering engine for prototypes as we use in the web app as well, so you should see no differences. The only thing you can’t do is Cmd + and CMD - to zoom in and out (I’ll ask around and see what’s possible there).

Let me know if that helps or if I’ve completely misread your request :sweat_smile:

Hi, @freddiewrites
Is there any technical reason not to allow Apple Silicon Macs to run the mobile app? It would be very useful to be able to emulate different phone models on my mac

Thank you @freddiewrites for your answer. However, that is not what I mean. I’ll give you 3 screenshots here to illustrate a 1920 px wide design:

Screenshot 1 (web app default)

Screenshot 2 (Web-App after I zoomed with “CMD +” … this is what I mean by fullscreen)

Screenshot 3 (Mac-App default … without option to zoom)

… and that’s exactly the feature I’m missing … being able to really test and show smaller designs in fullscreen in the Mac app.

PS. I am working on a 4k screen.

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Got it! I’ll ask around for you. No promises that I can make anything happen, but I’ll certainly ask the question.

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Unsure on this one! I’ll ask around for you.