Font kerning issues with Adobe Font Argumentum

In the Sketch Mac app, I’m getting some inconsistent kerning when using the Adobe Font Argumentum.

The font appears kerned correctly when used in Adobe InDesign and also in Figma, but when using Sketch it appears that the font’s native kerning is not being recognized. Making for some unsightly gaps unpresentable to our client.

Anyone else experience kerning issues when using an Adobe Font.

Hi @benregan :wave:

Thanks for bringing our attention to this. We’re eager to help you get things working smoothly.

To delve deeper into this issue, we’ll need more information about the affected fonts.

  • Could you please list the name of the fonts you are having issues with.

  • Could you provide some screenshots where the kerning inconsistency is apparent in Sketch?

  • Also could you share a sample document containing the affected fonts for us to run a few tests?

Once we have this information, we will be more equipped to investigate this matter and provide you with a solution.

Cheers :pray:


Hi Christiana, thanks for the quick response. I’ve attached screenshots showing the Argumentum Bold font in Sketch vs InDesign/Figma. Sketch file also attached.

Argumentum is loading directly from Adobe Fonts and was recently activated.

Here also is the Sketch file containing the Argumentum font. Thanks!
argumentum_fontkerning_test.sketch (175.7 KB)

Hey Ben, thanks for sharing the file and the sample image. I’ll get to testing and share an update

Awesome, Jorge—thanks!

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I have some good news Ben!

It seems that the text layer was set to no kerning. I opened your document, selected the layer and then chose on the menu: Text → Kern → Use default.

And it looks pretty close to what you get in InDesign. I tweaked the line height a bit and the last letter pair, “ay” in Today and now we a match.

I used your screenshot from inDesign and put the actual text layers on top. Please take a look at the Sketch file and I hope this helps!

Argumentum-Kerning-fix-comparison.sketch (1.1 MB)

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Ok, thanks Jorge! I had been using the Open Type Features to control Default vs No Kerning. And there was no change in the text appearance when switching between those two.

Makes more sense to use Kern :wink:

Much appreciated,

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Thanks for this last bit of info Ben!

I’ll ask around to see if we have a redundant option in Open Type Features, because just as you mention, when you use the Default option from Open Type Features, nothing happens :thinking: