Font's not displaying correctly when using the iOS app

Hi — Just upgraded to v99. I’m noticing that there are issues rendering fonts on the iOS app. Side by side comparison attached. Not sure what’s causing this but I never noticed problems before. What steps can I do to resolve this?

Note: I’ve tested it with a number of fonts. Didn’t there used to be an alert about font sharing? I can’t find where/if there is a preference that maybe had been disabled?

Hi Caspian, thanks for reporting this.

I’ll look into this. Can you share the names of the fonts that are not rendering?

About the alert, it is still displayed in Sketch when you first embed a font that hasn’t been previously embedded on other documents. Sketch remembers these settings for all documents saved to the same Workspace.

It really doesn’t seem to matter what fonts. Opentype.
Branding from Latinotype. Henrietta, from FutureFonts. Atenas. Ranade…

Even fonts from Adobe Fonts aren’t displaying properly (eg Komet)

Hi @Caspian,

I did some testing with several fonts and all are displaying properly after embedding them in the Sketch document. Please take a look at the screenshot below.

I the test I used these four fonts: Noah Text, SF Pro, Pangram Sans and Basier Circle

Can you share your workspace document link so I can take a closer look? You can share it here or send it to our support email address: