Text Weight - Sketch App Rendering Issue


On the Sketch mobile app, I have noticed that some text styles do not render with the correct weight. The images attached shows the 'Request A Rep" text in regular (screenshot from my phone) and then in bold (bold is the correct weight I want - screenshot from Sketch artboard).

Funnily enough, when I export the artboards to Zeplin, the same font-weight doesn’t show. It seems only to be happening to the Inter-Semibold font. The text is a symbol nested in another symbol.

Is this a symbol issue or a font issue?



Hey Karl! :wave:

Can you confirm if this is a Variable Font you’re using? This could give us more details into what could be going on and check from our end. Also, if you have a sample Document we can take a look at that’d be really helpful! :pray:

As far as I am aware it isn’t a variable font. One thing I have noticed is there seems to be duplicated styles when I open the weight dropdown but when I check my computers installed fonts, there is no duplicates.

Fonts are embedded to the document so maybe an issue there?

Do you have an email I can send the file to?


You can write to us (and share the Document URL) to productsupport@sketch.com