'Create new version' issue while sharing

Hey there,

Currently, I am facing a very annoying issue while trying to share prototypes. Every time I click share, Sketch prompts this modal:

To work around this, I have to close all the files, and open them again. I really don’t want to create new versions every time I make a small change, those should be automated versions. This process is extremely inefficient and time-consuming.


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Hello @RibeiroJose :wave:,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. I understand your frustration, so allow me to clarify why this happens and the reasoning behind it.

A few versions ago, Sketch changed how documents are saved. The Mac app now helps users save changes without needing the shortcut command S (⌘+S), which was a popular shortcut. Many users, including myself, developed muscle memory for it, and it can be challenging to adapt to the new system.

Previously, pressing command S (⌘+S) multiple times while editing a document would create multiple versions. With the recent update, this shortcut has become obsolete. Sketch now creates an auto-save version automatically, which is temporary and will only stay there until you create an official version or close and reopen the file. Closing and reopening the file does create a new version.

When you make changes to your document and want to share it, Sketch requires you to create an official version before sharing. The auto-save version is not considered official, which is why you see the pop-up message. However, like I mention above, closing all documents is the same as clicking “Create New Version.”

We appreciate your feedback and understand how this can be annoying when expecting a more streamlined experience. I’ll make sure to pass this along to the team for future improvements.

I hope this helps clarify the situation.

Cheers :pray:

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Hi @Cris :wave:,

Thanks for the response!

I can give a small example of why I don’t think this is the way to go. Two days ago, I shared a prototype with my team. After sharing it, I made a few updates to that specific prototype. The next day, I noticed that the prototype wasn’t updated. Was this because I didn’t close my file or share it again? Do you guys really think this is an efficient, modern way to go? I think you need to consider the common use case for designers. I really don’t want to think about closing all my files or clicking "share again’ to create a new version. This slows down our processes, and we are not informed about this.

From the user perspective, there’s no software feedback or communication that I need to close a file to update it. These updates should be automatic, not manual, in my opinion. This is not innovative, it’s a step back in seamless processes.

Again thank you for your response, and I hope my feedback helps you.


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Hi :wave: José

Thank you for providing more details about your experience. Your experience highlights areas where our current system needs improvement. From your feedback we see that the current process isn’t serving you as efficiently as it should.

Internally, we are discussing this, and your detailed feedback strengthens our case for advocating a more streamlined and automatic update process.

We will keep you informed as we make progress on this front.

Once again, thank you for sharing this insight with us and keep them coming.