Ability to not have Sketch auto-save files

We are a team of about 40 designers/annotators.

We use Sketch Cloud as our file store.

At present, if one designer/annotator opens another designers file to look around/copy something, and inadvertently changes something, there is no way to exit the file, without that change being automatically saved.

The only way to be sure is to get in the habit of continual undo’s to get back to the point entered.

It would be extremely beneficial to have a setting to allow versions to only be saved via an ‘explicit save’, rather than the current implied one (when anyone exits a file).

This would allow larger teams a means to insulate themselves from files easily getting messed up.

Hi @benfrain and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing this. There’s another way you can revert unwanted changes in a file:

  1. Browse your file’s version history in the Web app, find the version you need
  2. Download that version to your Mac
  3. Open it and reupload it using the Workspace button (see the image below). This will make this file the latest version


Let us know if this helps!

Not really, we would like to prevent this happening in the first place rather than fixing it after the event.

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Thanks for the input Ben, I understand the approach to prevention and saving time. I’ve taken note of this and added it as a feature request


Hey Jorge, thanks for sharing the possible workaround. That seems quite an involved solution to go through to deal with a situation that we see happening a lot, but it also assumes that someone has realised quite quickly that changes have been made. Often it’s days and/or multiple edits later that we realise that things have been unintentionally moved or removed from the file. Reverting to previous versions is even tougher then.

If it’s unfeasible to add a setting, then another solution could be to have an “Exit Without Saving” command in the menu.

Well, I guess the main issue here is when collaborating. If more than one editor modifies the document, is not always possible to quit without saving since two or more edits may be concatenated.

@leohans is right, this scenario would make it impossible to close the file without saving the changes.
Maybe there is a way to select a file to be opened as a disconnected copy (or a branch like in git).