New in Sketch: Automatic saves, a new prototype player and more!

Hey everyone :wave:! We hope 2024 is off to a good start and you’re ready for another great year. We’re kicking off the year with a brand new update to the Mac app that includes a collection of small quality-of-life updates as well as bug and crash fixes. You can open the Mac app and update right now, or read on to learn a little more.

Automatic saves for Workspace documents

You no longer need to manually save Workspace documents. We’ll automatically save your changes while you’re working and when you close a document.

You can still create new versions using File > Save Version (^⌘S) and add a description or star a version, giving everyone a quick way to see what’s changed when browsing a document’s version history in the web app.

In the web app, Viewers and Guests can click ‘See Latest Version’ to get an up-to-date preview of a document that Editors are working on but haven’t created a new version of in a while. If you don’t want Viewers and Guests to have this option, star the version of the document you’d like them to see. They won’t see any further updates until you star another version.

New prototype player

We’ve rolled out a brand new prototype player that works across the Mac, web and iOS apps and supports advanced display effects like background blurs on scrolling Artboards. In short, playing your prototypes should feel smoother, faster and more reliable.

Foresight :handshake: Tidy

We’ve added Foresight to the Tidy button in the Inspector — you’ll now see a preview when you hover over it, giving you a better idea of how your changes will look. Tidy now also works on both the horizontal and vertical axis, making it even easier to align layers.

Improved Layer menu

We’ve tidied up the Layer menu — you’ll now find a new Symbol submenu that groups together all Symbol-related actions.

We hope you enjoy our latest release — and look forward to your thoughts and feedback! You can find a full list of release notes, including changes and bug fixes at Download the latest Sketch software updates · Sketch

We’re already hard at work on our next update and will have a beta to share here with you all soon. In the meantime, you can always suggest an idea or share an issue. Enjoy!