Prompt: "Edited in a newer version" when opening document

Where: Mac
Every time me or my colleague opens a sketch dokument a prompt opens saying it’s been edited in a newer version etc. The thing is we are both on the newest version (95.3).

Hello @Nic

Thanks for reaching out.

This is odd indeed. We’d like to take a closer look and verify a few things. Would you mind contacting us via

*edit: and adding the email address tied with your Workspace and the document URL if possible.


I get this too. I use Abstract + Workspace workflow so I thought it might be some issue with that flow specifically, but it seems others have similar issue. All files edited in the same version of Sketch of course.

Hey @wwwedran

I believe it has nothing to do with the Sketch + Abstract workflow. This is a processing thing on our side. It’s not harmful to users. It is, however, a bit confusing, unfortunately.

We can fix it for individual cases, but to do that, we need the email address tied to the Workspace and the document URL. Preferably via since this is a public space.

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This is happening to my team too in all documents!! It is very annoying, how can this be solved?
And since today, we are prompted with “Not receiving updates” even if we have internet connection.


Hey @noe

We can fix this for you. Would you mind emailing us the address tied to the Workspace, preferably via since this is a public space.

This could be a network-related issue. Are you and your colleagues connected to a VPN, or a Corporate Network? If this is the case, then it could be that our endpoints are whitelisted.

You can find a list of the endpoints here. Maybe the IT team can check if these endpoints are waitlisted?

I hope this helps!

A little update from me. I contacted product support whom was quick to reply if I could send them one of the files in question. My work day was done so I wanted to wait until the day after. Then the v96 update came out, and since then we haven’t had a problem.

So thank you very much for your quick replies and I hope everyone else gets their issues fixed.

All the best to you!!

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Hi Jonne,

Thank you for your responses.

Ok, i’ll email to the address of our workspace.

I’ll contact our helpdesk team too, to check if the whitelisted some of your endpoints as you commented, because this didn’t happened before and we were using our VPN + Sketch without a problem.


Hi again Jonne!

They have contacted me from Product Support and the problem with “Edited in a new versión” has been taken care of!! Great service and Thanks!

But we are still experiencing the other problem with the prompt “Not receiving updates”. I contacted our Helpdesk team to check if it was because of our VPN but isn’t, because the problem is happening even if i’m not connected to the VPN.

Can you help me with this?