Collections in Sketch v97

The collections feature in v97 has some small issues and limitations. Video


  • A new collection is created with the name “New Collection”. If you add multiple collections you get a warning.
  • Sometimes time warning comes with a delay.
  • If you try to remove duplicated collection the menu does not show the remove option. You have to rename the collection before you can remove or exit the project.
  • Loading collections or project documents is slow. It takes about a few seconds to refresh each time you switch the view.


  • It’s not possible to drag and drop documents from the collection to the project.
  • It’s not possible to sort documents in the project or collection.
  • Delete keyboard shortcut is not working.


  • You might want to consider checking if the name already exists and add a number at the end to avoid showing the " A collection with the same name already exists in this project dialog.
  • Have you considered using groups in the project sidebar instead of collections? It would be probably a more consistent and intuitive way to manage documents. You could use Command-G to group documents and Command-Shift-G to Ungroup.

Hello @Paulius! :wave:

Thanks a lot for letting us know about these issues you’ve been facing with the release of Collections in Sketch version 97.

We are actively monitoring this feature, so your words help us on this task, and we hope to be able to let you know more about it soon.

Apart from the issues, you are sharing very valuable feedback with us. We will treat it carefully and pass it on to the team in charge of this to be studied.

Looking forward to hearing if more users are experiencing this kind of situation!