[Released] Subfolders in Sketch-Cloud

We have many different projects and products in our sketch cloud, with different documents for different needs and teams. Right now we do have 36 folders.

To organize the documents and libraries, it would be great to be able to add sub-folders to the folders. Just one more level needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank your for your consideration!

I agree, it would be so great to be able to add sub-folders :heart_eyes:

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Definitely agree. Tags inside of folders may work too. I’m open to ideas on how to clean up the mess


This would help my team significantly — we separate creative files and specs per-product, and this would halve our number of top-level folders.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum @11010010 and thanks for taking the time to share feedback :raised_hands:

This has been a big request from users, and we hear you. So I’m excited to share that we’re already working on adding another level of document organisation to projects, and it sounds like this is exactly what you’re after! We’re now in the final polishing stages of this work and hope to share more with you all in the coming weeks! :eyes:


Hey folks :wave:

Excited to share with you all that we have just released a new feature called “Collections”, and its available in the Sketch 97 Beta (Read the beta release announcement for more) as well as the web app! We won’t be shouting too loudly about it yet, as we’ll be saving that for the public release of Sketch 97 :smirk:

As per the Collections documentation:

Collections help you better organize documents inside of projects. Like projects, Collections are workflow-agnostic. You can use them to group documents however you like and you can create as many as you need. You can also search within Collections, move documents between them and remove them when they’re no longer helpful.

Thanks for your feedback in this thread. I’m going to close it now, but if you find you have feedback on collections, please feel free create a new topic, as this helps us in tracking requests! Looking forward to reading your initial thoughts over in the beta release thread :star_struck: