New Mac beta: v97 available now

Hey everyone :wave: We have a new Mac app beta out and ready to try!

How do I get it?

You can download our beta from — you’ll need an active subscription to use it. If you already have a beta build, you can open it and follow the prompts to update.

How do I share feedback?

If you run into any issues, the best way to share them with us is to click on the :lady_beetle: Send Beta Feedback button in the toolbar. This should open a email template in your email client of choice to fill and send to us.

If you experience a crash, please do send the crash reports that appear when you reopen Sketch (both Apple’s and our own) — we read every single one of these and use this information to make Sketch more stable!

If you’re trying out an experimental feature (more on these below), you’ll find a related forum topic in the Sketch Labs category where you can share your feedback.

What’s in this beta?

Selection improvements

We’ve focused on making lots of small, but significant, improvements to selection in this update. You’ll find a full list of changes in the release notes. Overall, it should feel easier and more predictable to select layers by clicking on their visible parts, or move layers by dragging within their selection box.


Ever found the number of Projects in your Workspace a little unmanageable? Having trouble sorting through loads of documents in a Project? With Collections, you can group documents inside of Projects in just about any way that suits you and your collaborators. You can create a new Collection from the new save dialog, and organize existing documents and Collections in the Workspace window. You can also create and organize Collections in the web app.

Multi-layer renaming

You can now select multiple layers and use Edit > Rename (⌘R) to rename your entire selection, with support for modifier tokens and optional matching of portions of the layers’ names. You can also use Edit > Rename All (⌥⌘R) to rename all the layers on your current page, with the option to filter for specific layers to rename. Finally, you can quickly rename another selection of layers using the last renaming pattern you used via Edit > Rename with Last Format (⌥⇧⌘R).

New save dialog

We’ve completely redesigned the Save dialog for Workspace documents, with a better experience for organizing documents and full support for the new Collections feature. This is now the default way to save in Sketch. You can still save locally to your Mac via the “Save to Your Mac” button in the Save dialog, or via File > Save to Your Mac. You can also change the default save location and dialog under the General tab in Sketch’s Settings.

Other enhancements and improvements

  • We’re continuing to improve on our experimental feature — Smart Layout in groups. This update brings support for duplicating and adding new layers to groups, as well as Smart Layout for Artboards. If you haven’t already, head to the Smart Layout in groups topic for all the details.

  • You can now use File > Save Version (⌃⌘S) to add a description and Star when you save a version of a document you’re working on. Descriptions give everyone a quick way to see what’s changed when browsing a document’s version history in the web app, while Stars control a version’s visibility to Viewers (or, if it’s a Library document, whether the changes in this version are available as a Library update).

You can find a full list of release notes, including changes and bug fixes at



Thanks for the update!

  • With this update, we no longer support macOS Big Sur. We now support macOS Monterey or newer. You can continue to use version 96.2 of Sketch with Big Sur, or upgrade to a new version of macOS.


I believe it should be Sketch 96.3 here since that’s the latest available version now.

Ah yeah, thanks @rodionovd! I drafted this before 96.3 was out. :sweat_smile: Will edit!

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Oh and my usual question for all upcoming releases: is there an ETA yet? I guess “next month” is a safe bet but wanted to clarify just in case. Thanks!

Next month is where we’re aiming, indeed!


Kudos, guys.
I hope this one is released soon. Very promising!


For collections, or project folders, it would be great to have a public shareable link rather than having to share each file separately.

The same for downloading files, downloading a folder or collection would be great.

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@KarlCanBeCool I like the idea! Paging @Tim on this (he might not reply, but at least it’ll be on his radar).

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Thanks for the feedback @KarlCanBeCool!

We’ve been doing lots of thinking about how we can make it easier to share projects with others, so we can prevent the need for you to share each document one at a time. Hopefully we’ll have more to share soon :man_bowing:

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Great to hear!

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