New in Sketch: Collections, iPad support for View & Mirror, and more!

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Hopefully you’ve had enough time to digest all the news from Apple’s WWDC keynote, because now it’s time for us to share a few updates, too!

If you’ve been following along in Sketch Labs, these updates shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but let’s make things official anyway and share a few things we’ve just shipped…

Organize your documents with Collections

We’ve had plenty of requests for another level of organization within Workspaces, so today we’re giving you just that! Now, you can group and organize documents inside of Projects with Collections.

Just like Projects, Collections are entirely workflow-agnostic — so how you group your files, what you name each collection and what goes in them is entirely up to you. You could group by status, by date, by client, by secret codename, whatever you like. But we think this extra level of organization can go a long way, especially if you have lots of documents in your Workspace.

You can create Collections in both the Mac and web apps — and you’ll see them in our iOS app, too. You’ll find all the details on how they work, and how to use them, in our docs. Plus, we’ll be sharing a guide with some suggestions on how to make the most of Collections on our blog soon!

iPad support for our View & Mirror app

Sketch — View and Mirror, our iOS companion app, has been out for a while now, so we figured it was time for an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • iPad support — now you can view your Sketch documents and play prototypes on a bigger screen. Better still, on the iPad, you get a beautiful full Canvas view, so you can see every detail in your designs, including the ones that didn’t make it onto an Artboard.
  • Open documents offline — No signal? No problem. If you’ve previously opened a Workspace document and suddenly find yourself without an internet connection, you can now re-open and browse that document (without mirroring or live updates), and play its prototypes.
  • Open local documents — Open documents that live outside of your Workspace (in the Files app, or on a third-party service like Dropbox or Google Drive). You’ll also see document thumbnails and QuickLook previews in the Files app.
  • Handoff support — With a document open on your Mac, you can quickly open it on your iPhone or iPad via Apple’s Handoff feature (or vice versa)
  • Workspace search — Search for the document you need inside your Workspace, a Project, or a Collection.
  • Auto-refresh — When you’re in a Workspace view, you’ll see instantly when someone moves, deletes, restores, or creates a document elsewhere.
  • …and of course, we’ve taken the time to fix a few bugs along the way.

You can grab the update right now — on your iPhone or iPad — from the App Store.

Better selection and dragging

With this latest Mac update, we’ve focused on making lots of small but significant improvements to selection in this update. Overall, it should feel easier and more predictable to select layers by clicking on their visible parts, or move layers by dragging within their selection box.

You’ll find a full list of changes in our release notes, but there’s also this lovely video from Joseph Todaro to walk you through them:

Other improvements and enhancements

As you’d expect Mac update comes with a whole host of other small-but-mighty improvements. Here are a few we’re sure you’ll love:

  • You can now select multiple layers and use Edit > Rename (⌘R) to rename your entire selection, with support for modifier tokens and optional matching of portions of the layers’ names. You can also use Edit > Rename All (⌥⌘R) to rename all the layers on your current page, with the option to filter for specific layers to rename. Big thanks to the folks behind RenameIt for their help during the research stage of this feature.
  • We’ve completely redesigned the Save dialog with a better experience for navigating and organizing your Workspace documents, and full support for the new Collections feature. This is now the default way to save in Sketch (but you can always change your default open and save location — between local and Workspaces — in Sketch’s settings).
  • We’re continuing to improve on our experimental feature — Smart Layout in groups. This update brings support for duplicating and adding new layers to groups, as well as Smart Layout for Artboards. If you haven’t already, head to the Smart Layout in groups topic for all the details.
  • You can now use File > Save Version (⌃⌘S) to add a description and Star when you save a version of a document you’re working on.

As always, we encourage you to check out the release notes if you’d like to read about everything we shipped in this Mac release.

We hope you enjoy this update! If you have any feedback or suggestions to share about this release, you can do so in the usual channels — Share an issue and Suggest an idea. We read everything you share with us in the forum and try to respond to as much as we can. Your feedback helps us shape Sketch, so thank you!


I am very happy about the rename function. Also that it can be used for artboards. However, please bear in mind that designers may also want to change longer layer names or artboard names. The current view is not suitable for this … see screenshot attached.


Thanks for improving Selections!!!

Rename option is not working when the Sidebar is closed.
Any plans to provide an Inline rename option as found in all other popular apps?


Some great additions to selections, but it now seems to irritatingly select the edges of masked images. On the example attached. If you marquee around the grey rectangle and accidentally include the edge of a nearby invisible masked image that also gets selected. Even the new marquee tool does this, when partially going over the edge of a masked image. In the example the tinted image is replica of whats inside the mask and locked on its own layer, just to show how far the image extends. I don’t remember sketch doing this before? I can see this being very frustrating, and means I will end holding down ALT for every selection around masked images… because I am not quite sure how far they extend from the mask object, and have to go back and do a second selection when it picks too much up.

Also just noticed this happens with a shape masked within another, not just images.

Could the ALT key function just be the default function of the selctions?

Hey @PaulB-LU

Thanks for sharing this issue. We’re currently working on something that will fix this issue. We’ll keep you posted when we know more.

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Thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into it. Rename for a single layer isn’t available, because renaming happens in the layer list, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for renaming multiple layers via the new multiple layer renaming interface.

I remember you’ve previously suggested in the forum, and it’s something we’d like to do, but just haven’t gotten around to doing. We’re currently improving our overlay system so we can more easily do on-canvas interactions such as these.