Automatically initiate seat change when users are downgraded to viewer


Not sure if this is an issue to others but it happened to me that I changed some seats from editors to viewers but didn’t realize I had to also schedule seat number change to not pay for those. It feels more intuitive to do this automatically when status of the user is changed to viewer - it should initiate seat change schedule.

Thoughts on this?

:wave: Hey Vedran,

Thanks for sharing this! The idea behind the current interaction is that you can reassign an Editor seat. When you change from Editor to Viewer that seat can go to someone else. This is helpful many times, but I also see your point, when that seat is no longer needed.

Since adding or removing Editor seats is a sensitive change, we feel it helps to make it an explicit action rather than adding it to a change of access (Editor → Viewer)

Makes sense, but I still think that the damage of not realizing that the seat will still be charged even if it is not used is bigger than someone accidentally being left without access. You can easily add access, but you can’t unpay the bill. :slight_smile:

Hi Vedran,

We’ve taken note of this, thanks for sharing it :pray:

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