Commit action to workspace viewers; save for editors

When I work on workspace file and I save the project, project members can see the new file.
Sometimes the views are only in draft state and this can lead to confusion.
What about keeping the save behavior for editor members but adding a “commit” action (may be with an optional comment) for the viewers?
I still use Zepling so I can chose when to share with developers or other viewers…

Hi @Teo and welcome. I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re suggesting, are you looking for a way so that other Editors can always the latest save of a file, but Viewers can only see certain versions that you manually choose?

If so, then Starred versions could work for you. In short, from the moment you star a version of a document, people that don’t have edit permissions will only see the starred versions.

However, this feature is NOT meant completely hide the document from Viewers in the Workspace until you’re ready for them to see the document. For that, you’ll need to use other permissions management features, such sharing a document in your drafts with select people, or making a restricted project shared with select people.

If that’s not what you looking for, can you please clarify?

Yes, it is like what I mean. Thanks, I’ve never seen the starred version feature.