Is a Finance Role a paid seat?

Hi all, I have a question about the Finance Role. Is this a paid seat or unpaid seat? I currently am the admin for our workspace and the billing is handled under my account, however I want to switch that over to someone else in the company.

I notice there is a “finance” role, which seems like that’s what I’d want, but it’s in the section where all the paid seats are, so I wanted to see if we have to pay for that user or not?

Hi @jkilp

The Finance Role is unpaid. This role is different from Admins and Owners since it’s very focused: it only gives you access to the Billing settings of the Workspace.

For instance, if you assign it to a Viewer, they won’t be able to see documents anymore, the only access will be to the Billing section.

I hope this is useful and let us know if you have any questions! :raised_hands: