Collaborating with someone that has their own license

I have a friend/colleague that has their own Sketch license. Since we both have our own licenses, is it possible to collaborate?

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If you’re hoping to team up with others on your project, simply adding them as guests to your document is the way to go. This will give them access to review, comment, and view your work without any additional charges for extra seats.

However, if you want to work together as editors in the same workspace, you’ll need to purchase an additional editor seat.

Alternatively, you can share the sketch file and work on it offline, but keep in mind this won’t allow for real-time collaboration.

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You are saying that if my friend has a document they want me to edit, in order to use the real time collab features they need to add me as an editor and pay for that seat? This is even if I already am paying a subscription fee. In turn, If I had a document and wanted them to edit it, I would have to add them as an editor and pay for them, even if they have a subscription? So, in this scenario, Sketch will receive payment for 4 subscriptions, even though it is only two people? If I am honest, that seems pretty messed up.

Your website documentation says it is possible. In this section of your documentation it clearly states:

You can invite people from outside of your Workspace to collaborate with you on a document as long as they have a compatible version of the Mac app (71 or later) and a subscription.

So, why would you say that on your website, yet you are telling me this is not possible?

Hey there Jason,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I understand now there may have been some confusion between the workspace editor and the guest editor.

If you would like to invite someone to work on a specific document, you can do so as a guest editor. This option will not count towards the maximum number of editor seats, but please note that the invited person must have their own access to Sketch through a valid subscription.

On the document go to the collaboration tool > click share > add the email address and make sure they have a Edit select.

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Let me know if this helps.

YES!!! This is awesome and exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks very much for the time and assistance.

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