Webapp version loading/failed to load

Hello there,

I’m experiencing an issue where a file is stuck on infinite loading, eventually leading to a ‘failed to load version’ error. I can’t recall making any significant changes since the last version. Every other file seems to be working fine. What should I do?

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 10.38.57


Hello Gabriel :wave:,

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I understand that you’re experiencing issues with the document upload, and I want to assure you that we’re here to help you.

Upon reviewing your post, it’s evident that the document you’ve shared seems to be stuck in the uploading process. We appreciate you providing the document link. However, due to recent security updates, we are unable to access the backlog of the document until Support Access is enabled.

Support Access is a feature designed to ensure that we only access document information when explicitly authorized by you. To proceed with resolving this situation, we kindly request you to enable this feature. You can do so by following the guidelines outlined in this article: How do I enable support access for my Workspace? · Sketch

Let me know if you have any issues with this step.

Cheers :rocket::pray:

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Done. Thanks for your support

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Hey @Gabriel :wave:,

Thank you for granting us Support Access. After a preliminary assessment, it appears that resolving this issue may necessitate more in-depth troubleshooting, possibly involving our development team.

Given the sensitive nature of the data involved, and to ensure the utmost privacy for your account and content, we recommend transitioning this conversation to a more private channel. Would you be able to send us a quick email at productsupport@sketch.com? This will let us know your email address and allow us to reach you over that medium to continue troubleshooting through a more private and dedicated avenue.

Cheers :pray: :rocket:

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