Sketch Cloud documents stuck in uploading/processing

We are observing multiple files stuck in uploading/processing in Sketch Cloud. Multiple users reporting, from varying locations…

File 1…


File 2…

Hey, Jason!

Sorry you’re seeing this issue.

At the moment, users may experience errors and delays in the web app due to the AWS outage. You can follow our Service Status page for more information and updates.


Seems like the AWS issue is resolved, but we still have a number of documents stuck in limbo.

Hello Jason, the documents have been processing once the outage was resolved, so it’s just a matter of time before all the affected documents are processed again.

If that’s not the case when reading this message, could you send a message to with the URL of any stuck document so we can look what’s going on?

It looks like the files are at least reflecting the latest changes, but all the previous updates that were in limbo still reflect they are in limbo. I guess thats not a big deal, just FYI…

Hey Jason!

Thanks for checking back in with that info. If you can share with us that Document URL, we can ask the team what could be happening with these older versions and see if we can get the web app to properly process them.

Thanks a ton in advance!

Not sure I am going to be able to do that for privacy reasons. This issue doesn’t seem to be impeding anything, so we will just ignore.

No worries! Keep us posted if anything else around arises and we’ll gladly take a look.