WebApp-Problem: Slow performance + bad visibility of component states

Hello valued support team,

Our devs repeatedly complain about the super slow performance of the WebApp and the handling when they want to jump from the prototype or the canvas to the artboard (long loading time and from here onwards awkward zooming only via the dropdown at the top), from there to the Inspect mode (again long loading time), from there to the component/symbol (again long loading time). When you then start to inspect the component and any components nested in it, such as a button, click on the button component (again associated with loading time) to see only the default state displayed there. The other states are not accessible to you without further ado.

All in all, this is a major efficiency problem. So not only the performance of the SktechCloud with the sometimes 20-second loading times per attempt to dive deeper into the Artboards->Components etc. Only to end up not being able to capture all the states.

I don’t want to spread a bad mood here today, but nobody understands anymore why we designers want to work with Sketch. And I’m scratching my head about this…

I want you to know that SketchCloud and Inspect Mode are very nice in and of themselves, but from the point of view of our developers it is hardly possible to work efficiently with them.

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback @Xhaust :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you and your team are experiencing performance issues with the handoff tools in the Web app. I can appreciate the frustration this can cause engineers!

Firstly, the reason you will see loading messages in the inspector panel is because the web app has to read data from the Sketch document itself, and this can sometimes take a few seconds.

Secondly, I’ve taken a look at our telemetry for the last 30 days and can see that 95% of inspector loads take ~5 seconds or less, so 20 seconds is unexpected!

I suspect that if you’re experiencing consistently slow loading times, it could be specific to a given document, and I would encourage you to reach out to the support team, where we can help with specific cases and do a little more investigation :pray: You can email them at productsupport@sketch.com and reference this thread.