Sketch Cloud Performance

What happened to the performance of the web application?

Our developers are not able to work properly with this layout, with other layouts all is fine so far.

Browser: Chrome

Hey @vitlayozza

That doesn’t look good.

I’ve tried to reproduce this with a few large files, but no luck so far. Can I take a closer look at the web document? You can DM me or send the link to

We have fixed it after updating mock-ups. It depends on situation, sometimes we see some strange problems with performance. May be Sketch Cloud don’t ready for huge templates with a lot of instances (like we did in out tables/dashboards). Or we don’t know somethings to optimise our symbols, but it’s not simple for us after Figma.

This is not what you should expect. We’re aiming for a flawless performance on the web. Unfortunately, this is not the case in this instance - and perhaps others, as you mentioned.

We’re going to investigate this instance, and we’d gladly look at any other examples you might run into.

Thanks again for sharing and helping us improve.

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