100 Beta performance issues

I’m not sure if it’s just me and my design system file, but Sketch performance sucks for me. I have a MacBook M2 Max 32GB and I can’t design while I have a prototype screen open. When I try to undo 20-30 steps, the app freezes. The quick workaround is to restart the app.

Hey there,

Can you share more info with us? We’d love to get our hands on these Documents (design system Document, working Document, etc) and see if we can get something like this to replicate.

More info about the specific scenario would be good too. Like when are you required to go back 20-actions at a time, etc.

As always, share this info to productsupport@sketch.com so we can better assist you! :pray:

Hi Raul,
I sent you a link to the design system file.

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Thank you! I just checked and one of my colleagues is on the case already :+1:


Here is a video of basic symbol manipulation when prototyping mode is active. The Sketch app uses 100% of the CPU. This is not an issue at all in the Figma app. The only reason I still need to use Sketch is because I have some old design files and design systems that I need to maintain. It’s obvious that Sketch is very, very slow, and unless you can drastically improve the performance of your application, I see no reason to use it for new large-scale design projects.


Oh, that’s certainly not good at all.

A couple of things so we can get a report for the team going and see if they find the root cause of this!

  • Share the Document as seen on the video? We really want to check out why the performance drops so much on this specific Document. We tested a more complex Document, but it was nowhere near what we saw on the video.
  • Are there any other elements within the same Page/Document? That could also give us an idea of what the app might be dealing with when rendering these changes.
  • Does the issue happen when you show the Prototype Preview window, or is it the same regardless if the window is being shown or not? This could be related to some of the new things we have introduced to the Prototyping feature within the app and we’d definitely want to check that out before release.

As always, thank you so much for sharing these things with us and it enables us to keep on improving the app in the performance area.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The main problem is when the prototype window is open. I also get performance issues when I work on a complex document for a long time and then try to undo something.

Please activate the prototype mode in the file I provided, go to Symbols page and start dragging symbols around. Try making 30-50 changes, and then if you want to see more performance issues, you can try to undo everything. This should cause Sketch to use the maximum CPU. You can watch the videos here of the same document on the M2 Max 32GB machine.

Video 1
Video 2

When I move something, the beach ball is spinning most of the time, but this is not visible in the video.

Noted and thanks for the extra details!

We’ll review these and share with the team! They’ll hopefully find some interesting learnings from this Document and provide more context, and hopefully, improvements in the future!

Edit: We saw no file being linked on your post, but we’ll check out with our colleagues to see if we can test the performance using that one you shared with them!

Hey there @Paulius,

Our team has been reviewing the issues you shared here and we tried to find the specific Artboards and elements that appear on these two videos:

Video 1
Video 2

But we were unable to locate them on the React Material-UI file you shared with us. Is there another Document that could show us this specific behaviour? Other than the tests we found on the Document, we found nothing specific to Prototyping there.

Let us know if you can share that Document with us! You can do so via the forum or sharing it with us at productsupport@sketch.com