WebApp-Problem: Customers cannot comment

Hello dear Sketch team,

I have received a complaint from customers that they cannot leave comments in the WebApp with the links I provided to the prototype of my design as I promised.

I have made the settings as shown in the screenshot. But as an unregistered user it is not possible to read or leave comments.

I had set Public Access so that anyone with the link can view the designs and the prototype. I had also ticked the “Can comment” checkbox.

I now actually expect that anyone with a link can view the designs and comment.

So … what is going wrong here?

Commenting requires an account, even for public documents.

From our documentation, emphasis mine:

Anyone following a Public link will be able to view the document but will need to sign in to their Sketch account to comment.

Ok thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know that before, but I thought so after I received the complaint.

From the user’s perspective (me as admin in the WebApp) it reads like this: Public: Anyone with link can view and can comment. ANYONE. It would be good if your interface here was self-explanatory and avoided such a misunderstanding.

From the user’s perspective (as a customer in the WebApp), it would make sense for the interface to give a hint that an account should be created for commenting. Preferably directly with a corresponding CTA. Simply displaying an error message without help for self-help is not sufficient from my UX point of view.