Can I share a preview link and not require a login?

Hi all, Im digging in more to Sketch now that InVision is going away. One of the things we really like about InVision is that we can share the (public) link with clients for them to review, and not need to create an account and login. Is that possible with Sketch?

Hey @camacntee

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It is possible to share a public link of a document with a client. I’ve added a screenshot below, hope that helps.

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Thanks @jonne - how did you get to this screen?

You only need a few steps.

First sign in to your workspace, open the document you want to share and then (see video):

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awesome, thanks so much, that worked!

Is there any way to link to it in presentation mode? Im not sure everyone will understand how to navigate the canvas?

Glad to hear!

Yes, it’s possible to share a Public Prototype link with the same settings enabled. See video (I can’t upload longer videos on here unfortunately).

@jonne Are there any plans to allow commenting for non logged in users? Now that Invision is shutting down later this year, it would be a logical addition to Sketch I think.

Hey @daviddb There are no immediate plans, but we agree that we should implement this in the future.