Comment in sketch cloud not working

Currently, I am unable to comment on a sketch canvas in the cloud. Although I can see and click on the comment icon, attempting to create a new comment yields no results. The cursor prompts me to ‘click anywhere to comment,’ but the functionality remains unresponsive. However, I can still reply to existing comments. Do you have any suggestions or solutions for this issue?

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I’m sorry you are facing this situation. From reading your report I get the idea you are unable to add new comments to a document while using the web app.

I’ve just run a few tests and I was able to add new comments by:

  • Using the call-to-action button “Add New Comment”,
  • Using the keyboard shortcut “N”,
  • Using the comment icon

CleanShot 2024-03-19 at 15.08.44

All of this tests where performed using multiple browsers.

Could you check if your user has permissions to comment on a document. Sometimes editors can restrict user actions, such as commenting.

CleanShot 2024-03-19 at 14.59.22

If you are unable to comment on a document that was shared with you, request the editor to review your user permissions.

If the issue persists, please provide us with more information such as a screen recording of the issue. This would help us to identify any other possible causes of the problem.

I hope this helps! :crossed_fingers:

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I am admin and have edit rights.
I have no possibility to upload the video or any other file via the upload function.


Hello @Alfi

Thank you for confirming this was not a user permission issue.

Considering the restrictions of this forum and to ensure the utmost privacy for your account and content, would you be able to send us a quick email at with the video?

I will keep a close watch on the inbox. :eyes: :mailbox:

Cheers :pray: :rocket:

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