Frustrations with sharing prototypes with clients & allowing comments

We have finally switched over to Sketch prototyping from InVision but ran into a snag. We have the file set to public and can share our prototype and have ‘allow commenting’ checked ON. When we share the prototype link to outside clients, they can’t comment because they are not signed up to Sketch. Why not include a CTA to SIGN UP TO COMMENT in top corner? Clients get the prototype, but do not see a signup button. The only way to get the sign up button is by pressing ‘View Artboard’, then the comment button appears. When you click the comment button, you get the Sign In/Sign Up button. But on that screen, you are viewing the artboard, not the prototype and not obvious way to make the user aware of that or how to get back to the prototype.

The workaround we’ve been using is sending the clients 2 links, one to sign up first, then direct them to the second link which is the prototype.

Am I doing this wrong or should something like this be implemented? And if so, quickly, please.

Hi there @AlessioD2

Welcome to the Forum, it’s great that you’re here! Thanks also for taking the time to share this.

You’re right, users should see the Sign up CTA on the Prototype player. The team has taken note of this and we’ll work to improve this.

Thanks and welcome again

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I just want to point out that is idea is related to Web App: Comments for people without accounts, which is about allowing comments without the need of creating an account at all.