Web app symbol rendering issues

Hi all,

I just started noticing this. In the web app, some of my symbols that have smart layout applied are rendering incorrectly in the web app. They appear to be really stretched out in the web app, but are correct in the Mac app.

Sketch version: 97.1
I have smart layout in groups turned on in Experimental Features.

I’ve tested this in Firefox 115.0.3 and Chrome 115.0.5790.170 and the same issue appears to be happening.

Hi @jkilp thanks for sharing this. We have a case that looks similar and we have a fix which we hope to release very soon.

The one we’ve worked on involves using image fills inside symbols, but if this is not your case, could you help us by contacting us at productsupport@sketch.com and sharing a sample of this symbol? Many thanks in advance! :pray:

My symbols do not have image fills, so it may be a different issue. I sent an email. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for sharing the file Jason! We’ve sent you a reply via email and we’re looking into this to find a fix :pray: