Incorrect images display in the web

After saving a document and checking it on the web we’ve noticed the images are not appearing as they should be.

Please check the original design as it is right now in the Mac App:

And compare it with how the same screen is showed in the web:

This is happening to us in several files after saving a new version and without changing anything in our components or in the image propierties.

Sketch 97.2 version

Hello @pinker thanks for reporting this. This looks a lot like an issue that our Team is working on, it affects images used as fills in symbols. The image looks ok in the Mac app but it renders at the original size in the Web app.

If this is your case, we’re close to releasing a fix and if you can drop us a line to we’ll notify you as soon as the fix is released.

If this doesn’t look like your case, could you let us know via email too and if possible, share a sample file for us to look at? Thanks in advance

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I think this is exactly the same issue then. I’ll write that email, thanks!

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