Symbol resize issues across versions (94.1 & later version)

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  • Where does this issue happen (Mac, web, iPhone)? Mac

  • Can you provide a short summary of your case (step-by-step if relevant)? I created an input symbol with resizing config in version 92, and it works from ver.91 to ver.94.1. But when the version doesn’t fall on the domain, the same symbol just doesn’t perform as expected. For example, in versions 90, 95.1, 95.3 and 96.1, the nested symbols would change their X-Coordinates and Weight… Also the layout (Left to Right) doesn’t work properly.

  • Do you have an image, video or Sketch document showcasing this bug?

I was wondering if it’s caused by the improvement of smart layout, as I found the following in the What’ new of ver95.1:

  • Smart Layout improvements
    We’re hard at work on improving Smart Layout! In this update, you’ll find that right-to-left and bottom-to-top directions now behave exactly like their reverse counterparts (left-to-right and top-to-bottom). When you hide nested Symbol instances, we now preserve and remove spacing in a way that’s more reliable and predictable. Finally, we’ve made a few tweaks that make working with Smart Layout in nested layouts smoother. Look out for further updates soon!

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Hey there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I think you’re completely right! Some of the changes we introduced to Smart Layout (most of them being enhancements and fixes to make it more reliable) could have caused your Component to behave like this.

If you’d like, we can take a look at this specific behaviour and see if there’s a workaround we can provide to make it look good!

You can share the Document here, by writing an email to us at or you can drop it on this Google Drive shared folder!


Edit: One of my colleagues let me know they have already replied to you via Thank you!

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Hi there!

Thank you for you attention! I did receive the e-mail sent by your colleague and I am willing to provide more deatiled information. I will keep contact with her through email for there maybe some doc transfering needs.

I will update the final solution in this issue :blush: Thank you!

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It’s probably related to “Preserve content when hidden” needing to be enabled on nested symbols that are disabled in the symbol instance.

Hi @sonburn :wave: ,
I have checked if it was caused by the “Preserve content when hidden” you mentioned. I believe there shows little relevance between this function and the issue.

Cristiana from the Sketch support team helped me out. She provided the solution to reduce the overlapping smart layout and it works! I will leave the steps and the brief video showcasing the solution (credit: Cristiana) in this issue.

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Hey guys,

Here’s the solution from the Sketch support team, as you can see the attempt to reduce abundant smart layout works perfectly. And I also validated the solution with the affected document. In some ways, this issue was caused by the bad habit of creating symbols, such as redundant groups and smart layouts.

BTW, if you are interested in the information about organizing symbols, here’s the official documentation where you can check: Organizing Symbols · Sketch. And I am quite interested if there’s more discussion about this topic. Feel free to share your opinion here!

Hope this helps you too!

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