Problem with layout and swapping symbols


- Where does this issue happen (Mac, web, iPhone)?

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I’m attaching at the bottom a video so you can see what happen.

Basically, when I create a group of text and symbols and define the layout to grow horizontal to the right, then I swap any of the symbol at its original size and everything works ok and as expected!

But… when I convert the group into a Symbol (I need this group to be a symbol), and I try to do the same, the symbol that I swap keeps its original size but the layout doesn’t move correctly.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it a bug?

Thanks in advanced!!!



Thanks a ton for posting this! I think I know what could be going on, but to be 100% sure, I’d love to have that Component isolated on a sample Document and test it on my end.

Would you mind doing that? We’d love to take a deeper look at this and see what could be going on!


Hi Raul,

Thanks for the quick response.

Here you have it!

sketch-layout-symbol-bug.sketch (654.7 KB)

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Looking now :eyes:

We got it!

You need to set Smart Layout - Left to Right (on the original Company Logo Components) so they know to grow or shrink depending on their content.

However, we felt this interaction was somewhat unexpected. We’ll bring this to the team and see what they say! Thanks for sharing this!

Updated Document :point_down:
sketch-layout-symbol-bug.sketch (652.9 KB)


@noe we updated our previous post with the solution!

Let us know if this works! :pray:

Yes it works! Thanks very much for the solution!! :blush:

I agree that it is not very intuitive that, in this case, I have to make that horizontal layout configuration on the right in the logo symbols, because the content of these as such does not have to move for the way I need the other symbol to work.