Updated symbols from library not showing in docs

I’ve just started creating my own libraries for a big project, where I want the symbol to be used across multiple Sketch docs. My issues is updating symbols in the library is not reflected in the docs that use it (even after updating the library via the document).

If I add a new symbol to the library, then it is available in the docs after I ‘create a version’ and then update the library from the doc that uses it, but
If I update a symbol in the library (e.g. add a border, change its background color) and do the same thing, then the instances of the symbol in the linked doc don’t update (even after updating the library). And if I add new instance of the updated symbol - it is the older version that is inserted.

If I go back to the library itself, the updated symbol is definitely there.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but can’t for the life of me work it out. Any help appreciated.

Sketch version 100 / Mac OS 14.4.1


Answering my own question for the benefit of anyone experiencing the same. I had fail to notice the ‘update components’ notification. Did that and all is now good!

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Hi @pjosborne68 :wave:

Thank you for posting this. Welcome to our community!

It is true that when you change a symbol in a library, you need to watch for the ‘update components’ notification to see the new additions in the document.

If by any chance you’re experiencing delays with notifications, consider utilizing the “Sync Library Components” option in the menu. Sketch comes with a built-in feature to synchronize symbol instances with their source libraries. You can access this feature by navigating to File > Sync Library Components. Sometimes, you may encounter an alert message when using this function.

You can safely dismiss the message, and your Symbol instances will be in sync with your library.

I hope this helps :crossed_fingers:. Keep enjoying Sketch!

Cheers :pray:

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