Force a library update when working in a project


Often doing modifications to a Library that I use in a project.
I would like to receive the changes faster (instantly if possible) in my project.

For some reasons it’s been a few weeks it takes a long time (hours) whereas before it used to take a few minutes.

A force update or fetch changes button would be useful.


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Hi Pierre,

Thanks for sharing this!

Just in case, make sure you are creating a version when you save your library changes. Starting in Sketch 99.5 you need to manually create a version to get Library updates right there. To create a version, press ⌃⌘S (control + command + S) and then ⏎ (Enter)

If you choose not to create a version, Sketch will create one when you close the document or when enough changes are queued. This could explain why updates seem to take hours to come in.

If you are creating versions but they are still taking a long time to show, can you drop us a line at our support email so we can take a closer look?



Thank you! I was wondering the same thing.

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