Force a library update when working in a project


Often doing modifications to a Library that I use in a project.
I would like to receive the changes faster (instantly if possible) in my project.

For some reasons it’s been a few weeks it takes a long time (hours) whereas before it used to take a few minutes.

A force update or fetch changes button would be useful.


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Hi Pierre,

Thanks for sharing this!

Just in case, make sure you are creating a version when you save your library changes. Starting in Sketch 99.5 you need to manually create a version to get Library updates right there. To create a version, press ⌃⌘S (control + command + S) and then ⏎ (Enter)

If you choose not to create a version, Sketch will create one when you close the document or when enough changes are queued. This could explain why updates seem to take hours to come in.

If you are creating versions but they are still taking a long time to show, can you drop us a line at our support email so we can take a closer look?



Thank you! I was wondering the same thing.

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Could you add the possibility to disable this ? It’s so annoying and I waste so much time when doing a lot of little update that I need to test.

I really don’t get what benefit there is for customers to have to add a text to force the update.


Hey @pierre1 , thanks for the feedback,

When creating many smaller updates you don’t need to create a version for each one, unless you want to individually test each one, then you’ll need to create a version.

I have a question though, when you mention:

I really don’t get what benefit there is for customers to have to add a text to force the update.

You don’t need to add a description when you create a version, the text is optional, but please let me know if I missed anything.

That’s exactly my problem

What I do today :

  1. I push cmd + S
  2. then I click on “Create version” that appears on the top right (which by the way has no pointer cursor and often takes about 4 seconds to open)
  3. then I need to click on the modal button “Save Version”.

Whereas before :

  1. I push cmd + S

I know I could do cmd + ^ + S which directly opens the save version modal but please don’t ask me to get used to that, I have 20 years+ habits of ctrl S or cmd S to save and use it on every other software, it’s just so automatic…

What I’d like :

  • Remove that update change
  • Add a checkbox in settings to have it work with just cmd + S

Hi @pierre1,

You can set a keyboard shortcut so Create Version responds to ⌘S, but note that you’ll still see the Create Version dialog. This can make the action more familiar and save you the time of hitting the link on the top right corner.

As for changing the current interaction, I cannot make promises, but we always track user reception of our releases and we’ve taken notice of your request.

Same here … this was bugging me for months now and I sometimes used this (angrily) as a “workaround”. Also I’m not sure why but whenever I use google to find help for Sketch issues I rarely find anything - and I never saw a search result that came from this forum.

However, my expectation since Sketch does save automatically was, that library changes are also automatically pushed. This was not explained properly anywhere. But to be fair: using the versioning feature actually pushes the library change(s) faster than it did before.

Hey @Marius,

Welcome to the Forum! Thanks for signing up and sharing!

You bring great points here. I’ll double check with the team about SEO, to make sure all is in place or if we need to take care of something: Thanks for bringing this up!

About libraries, I’m glad to read versioning is doing a good job speed-wise! :rocket:

Regarding of pushing library changes automatically, it can be tricky. There can be changes you may want to test for some time and it’s common to keep tweaking designs until you arrive at a solution you’re comfortable with. Manually creating and starring Versions gives you a lot of control over when to share.

Welcome again and feel free to share any thoughts or feedback! :raised_hands: