Editing a symbol opens local library

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    When I want to edit a symbol in my Main.sketch(cloud document) the symbol opens in Library.sketch (local document)

I want the symbol to open up in Library.sketch but the cloud document. Is this the default behaviour? Why does the symbol open a local document when there is a cloud document?

Hey @Martin I’m not sure if I get your question. Would you mind elaborating a bit further or share a quick screen recording? Thanks.

Sure. Here is a video. Opening the symbol from my workspace document opens the library in a local document. I dont recall this functioning like this before. I think it opened my workspace document of the library before and the sync worked. Now when i open the local document I have to sync it to cloud etc.

Is it possible that you also have a copy of this library in the cloud? And that the symbol you’re trying to edit references the local library, not the cloud library?

There are a few possible scenarios:

  1. If it’s just one symbol, then that could be easy to fix: right-click on the symbol in the LL, replace with > find the version of the same symbol in the Cloud Library
  2. If it’s all the symbols in his document then it’s likely the Library was originally local but was uploaded to the Workspace at some point. Additionally, the document never updated to use that Cloud version of the Library and is still linked to the local Library. There’s a solution for this, let me know when this is the case.

Yeah I have a copy in cloud. I havent realised this but it feels like I have messed up :frowning: It´s case 2. I think. All my components like forms and buttons uses the local file. If there is a solution I would love to hear it :star_struck:

Screenshot of two components, one that links to local file and one (that I replaced to use workspace document). When I replace I see two Library.

There is the automate plugin that can be of use here.

First I would advise to rename the local library to can see which Library is which (won’t affect any links the document or its contents to the library)

Here are a few steps:

And then

Let me know if this helps!