Text is pixelated when zooming in

I’m seeing this issue on v100 Mac app.

Basically, when zooming in to text, it goes super pixelated.
Any font. I’ve tried a new document, new text boxes, its just always pixelated when zooming in, no nice vector edges. Even when converting to outlines. Infact, vectors too! :thinking:

Deleted app, reinstalled and problem solved.

Hey @tomkiss welcome to the Forum, it’s great to have you here!

From your video, it seems that the option Show pixels on Zoom was turned on, and when you reinstalled the app, the pixelation was gone because that option is turned off by default.

You can find this option in View → Canvas → Show pixels on Zoom, or by pressing ⌃P, which may have turned it on unintendedly (it has happened to me :sweat_smile: )

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Thanks, that’s really helpful!

It does seem like I must have turned this on by mistake at some point.
I looked all over the place incase it was something like this, I missed this setting so thanks for the tip!

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