Mouse wheel zoom in Inspect mode (WebApp)

Our developers are freaking out because in Inspect mode in the Sketch webapp, they can only change the zoom level of the view using the dropdown in the top right.

Please also let the users of the Inspect mode zoom in and out comfortably. (Please do not forget to let users choose whether they want inverted/natural zooming or the old-fashioned zooming as it is also selectable in the Sketch MacApp).

I had mentioned this as well in the Workspace feedback. @tim gave this reply:

Thanks for sharing this one. Currently our inspector uses a different (and older) mechanism for rendering the artboard, which is why we have this stepped zoom behaviour. Using the new canvas rendering with the inspector is a goal of ours, however I’ll discuss this with the team and see if there is an short-term interim solution.

So it sounds like there is a plan to fix this.